Book your visit

You can manage your booking on-line. This includes cancelling and rearranging your chosen date.

Before you make a booking you need to purchase an experience flight, or a course, either on our website or by contacting the club. You will receive a Ticket Serial Number to use when making the Booking and when you arrive for your flight. If you have a gift voucher from a third party company you will need to contact us first to exchange the voucher.

You will automatically receive links to our booking system when you buy, however, you can also use the link below to access the system.

In order to provide the most choice our on-line system does not show our full availability for more than three months ahead, however, weekend dates are now available to book throughout Summer 2023.

For courses longer than one day you will initially be booked to spend a full day with us on your first day, however we are flexible and this can be changed if you prefer.

Our traditional 2 and 5 day “gliding holiday” courses are also flexible. Traditionally these start on a fixed day and you will be on the course with one or two other people learning together. This is a great way to learn and make the fastest progress, usually you will have one or two instructors dedicated to delivering your course. Of course, the UK weather does not always help. If you prefer to take these courses in smaller chunks then that is also possible.

If you have purchased a Get Your Solo course and would like to start your gliding as part of a 5 Day Course that is a great way to start.

For 2023 we have not yet set start dates for our 2 and 5 day courses – contact us after you have made your purchase to agree how and when you would like to take your course.