NOTAMs for today – quick links to popular sites and downloads.

RA(T) download file.

Press button to download an airspace (CUB) file containing ONLY RA(T) airspace outlines (generated using AsSelect). The RA(T)s will be coded for display in flight computers as Class A airspace.
Included RA(T) areas in 2024-05-16 file .DUXFORD (Various) , OLD WARDEN (Various), ABINGDON (17-18 MAY), SHERBURN-IN-ELMET (18-19 MAY), KING’S BIRTHDAY REHEARSAL (3-4 JUN), COSFORD (7-9 JUN), STONEHENGE (20-21 JUN), SYWELL (22-23 JUN), SILVERSTONE (4-7 JUL), HEADCORN (5-7 JUL), OLD BUCKENHAM (27-28 JUL),EASTBOURNE (15-18 AUG)
IMPORTANT NOTE; this file does NOT include Kings Birthday Flypast because Booker Gliding will not be operating when that RAT is active.

To use this file save it to your flight computer but, to reduce clutter, only activate on days when a RA(T) is active. All RA(T)s will be displayed with active date shown in airspace description.

Further NOTAM site information.

UK NOTAMs for the next 7 days updated once per hour. Map can dsplay all NOTAMs. Select the day and max height. Switch filters on and off to quickly view different NOTAM types. Create your own account, but the map works well without registration. Extensive HELP available on this site.

Sky Demon is “paid for” flight planning software with very good NOTAM plotting. This software will also display NOTAMs/RATs with the correct boundary shape. There used to be a free version, SkyDemon Lite, but this has been discontinued.

The Asselect website NOTAM menu item has options to download a .PDF map tailored to XC gliding. The map is available for Today and Tomorrow and only shows the most significant NOTAMs for cross country pilots. This map does not include every NOTAM, for instance items such as cranes, or closed runways, are usually excluded from the Map. ALL NOTAMS are, however, listed in the text. Asselect can also be used to generate airspace files for Flight Computers and PC Flight Analysis software.

AIC – Aeronautical Information Circulars. These documents detail important temporary airspace changes. NOTAMs will often cross refer to a Mauve or Yellow AIC. You can find the original AICs on this NATS website. You will find maps for Restricted Areas Temporary (RATs) in the relevant AIC document.

Not an official NOTAM source, use the website links above for NOTAMs and RAT AICs. However, this free air displays site gives the Red Arrows display schedule and also plots the positioning flight and flypast routes (once they are known) from the NOTAMs. Rarely inaccurate. and updates with last minute changes, but check official sources.

Soaring Pilots Intelligent NOTAM Editor. This free utility/app is great if you regularly review most NOTAMs and will keep your own up to date file with NOTAM changes. You can view NOTAMs once, and remove from future viewing any NOTAMs that will never affect you. For instance, you could exclude all NOTAMs more than 300Kms from Booker and switch off a local night time laser display, you will not see those NOTAMs again. There is also an Android version of SPINE, this can also export data to XCSOAR. Needs some perseverance and familiarity to keep up to date.

Same site as Red Arrows above. Not an official NOTAM source, This site includes a link (on the blue menu bar at the top) to an annual list of all UK airshows. Handy to find out what is going on at a NOTAMed site, just don’t click on the adverts!

NOTAM and Airspace additional downloads and training information.

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