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Should I avoid drinking alcohol before my flight?

How do I book a flight?

Can I see availability before I buy?

How do I find Booker Gliding Club?

Can friends or family come with me?

Can I bring my dog with me?

What kind of weather is good for gliding?

What happens if there is no wind on the day?

How long will my flight last?

Will I be able to fly the glider?

What sort of glider will I fly for my Trial Lesson?

How will we get back to the airfield without an engine?

Can anyone take up gliding ?

Is it scary?

How safe is it?

What do I wear?

What happens if there is bad weather on my trial lesson day?

If there is any doubt about the weather being suitable for your flight, we will contact you by phone the day before or first thing on the morning of your flight to discuss the forecast weather and to advise you if it is worth making the journey to the airfield. If for operational reasons it is not possible to fly on your chosen day, you can re-book at