Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find all of our frequently asked questions. Click on the line with your question to see the answer.

Definitely. The legal limit for alcohol in the bloodstream for flying an aircraft is one quarter the limit for driving a car. In effect you must not drink before flying. A glass of wine or a beer the night before is probably okay but certainly no drinking on the day. We will ask you to sign a declaration before your flight that you have not drunk alcohol.

Once we receive your payment you will be sent a confirmation email with a link to our booking site, You will be able to choose your preferred date, and manage any cancellation and rebooking yourself. If you have paid online via credit card you will receive this link immediately, please check your Spam folder if it does not appear within five minutes.

We generally have slots available on weekends during the winter and all week in the summer. If you do wish to see availability beforehand, or would like a specific day, send us an email request and we will advise and can forward you a link to our booking system.

The club is located at Wycombe Air Park 2.5 kilometres from Junction 4 on the M40.
Booker Gliding Club, Clay Lane, SL7 3DP.
When you arrive at the airfield take the 3rd turning on the right, into the car park. Please call the number on the notice by the gate in the car park and one of our members will meet you and escort you to the glider launchpoint.

Yes, Minors (under 18) must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Yes but dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. They must not be allowed to run free anywhere on the airfield

The ideal day is a clear blue summer sky filled with white fluffy clouds. But we can fly in most conditions except strong wind (the kind you have to lean into), rain or snow, low cloud or fog. And we do not fly at night.

The wind has nothing to do with the aerodynamics of gliding flight. The speed of the glider through the air provides the lift that keeps the glider flying regardless of the wind.

On a good day a typical trial lesson will take 20-30 minutes in the air. In less favourable conditions trial lessons may last for between 12-15 minutes.

Yes. If you wish to do so your instructor will give you every opportunity to experience controlling the aircraft.

All instruction flights in gliders are flown in two-seater gliders, usually with the pupil in the front seat and the instructor in the rear seat. All the controls in the front cockpit are duplicated in the rear cockpit.

All trial lessons are conducted within gliding range of the home airfield.

The lower age limit is 14 and there is no upper limit, as long as you can get in and out of the glider. Young people under 18 must be accompanied to the airfield by a parent or guardian. The size of a glider cockpit limits pilots to a max height of 6ft 3in (1.9m) and a weight of 16 stone (224lb) – (102kg).

The aim of all trial lessons is to introduce you to the basics of controlling the aircraft in flight. You will feel some unfamiliar sensations flying in a glider for the first time. But unless you are of a very nervous disposition you will not find any part of the experience frightening.

Gliding, like other adventure sports, involves an element of risk. At Booker we place the very highest priority on safety and we work hard to minimise the risks. All our instructors are qualified by the British Gliding Association. You will be given a full safety briefing.

Casual outdoor clothes – trousers with flat shoes or walking boots, and a jacket for breezy days. Temperatures in the air are usually similar to those on the ground. Sunglasses are advisable and in the summer you will need a sun hat.

What happens if there is bad weather on my trial lesson day?

If there is any doubt about the weather being suitable for your flight, we will contact you by phone the day before or first thing on the morning of your flight to discuss the forecast weather and to advise you if it is worth making the journey to the airfield. If for operational reasons it is not possible to fly on your chosen day, you can re-book at