Gliding Simulator

We have a purpose built enclosed gliding simulator, This can be used for pilot training on days that we cannot fly.

The simulator is based around the fuselage of a K13 2-seat glider. It has full controls in both seats, include force feedback to simulate the differing control forces needed in flight; a simulated set of instruments for each seat and 3 large screens giving a panoramic view outside the glider. The simulator allows some training to continue in adverse weather and provides an effective demonstration of the concepts of gliding.

Temporary location for the Quick start guide to operating the Booker Simulator,

Condor 2 Glider Racing

During winter months, we arrange on-line multiplayer Condor 2 Gliding Flight Simulator tasks. This is a great way to learn the basics of Cross Country Gliding and revise topics over the Winter. Although the group focus on cross country tasks other training can be arranged.

The average time to fly these tasks is under one hour. It is much more fun to fly them as part of a group, but they are available here for anyone to try. If you beat the fastest speed post your IGC file on the Booker Condors WhatsApp group so we can update the list.

Cross country task samples.

These tasks have been created by Booker pilots and are selected to be representative of the type of flying that we do.

NameDescriptionTask SheetDownload Condor
Flight Plan
Best Speed* Glider
Snowdon SlalomLlanbedr to Denbigh via Mount Snowdon, sea breeze and mostly weak thermals, but wind assisted in the mountains. Bob S.
Home from the ParkGet home from The Park in a streeting 20 Knot wind. WNW. Lots of Airspace to think about. Howard J.HomeFromThePark
* NOTE; The best time excludes the task setter,