Pilot Training

How our pilot training works

Whether you are just starting with a Trial Lesson, joining us on a Course or as a club member, your path to becoming a solo glider pilot will be similar. We follow the BGA Training Syllabus common to most gliding clubs in the UK. Each person will progress at a slightly different rate. Generally the younger you are the faster you will learn. It is also important to fly regularly in order to make progress and long intervals between flights will mean more flights until you are solo.

Regardless of your previous flying experience, or your course or membership type, our instructors will adapt the training to fit your abilities. We’d love all of our course attendees to become competent solo pilots and join us as club members.

Glider Pilot Log Book. After each training session the instructor will make notes in your log book updating on your progress. Your log book can be reviewed each time you arrive for some training.

Progress Card. We provide you with a progress card that is used to track your progres through the syllabus and to ensure that no training items have been overlooked.

First few flights

Early training at height

Early training lower down

You’ve learnt to turn well and fly straight.

Thermal Soaring

The Bronze Badge

The Sailplane Pilots Licence

If you are looking for more detailed information and additional training information take a look at the Training Materials page in the Members area of our website.