Experience Gliding

The best way to experience gliding is to take a flight or two. On this page you will find Gliding Experiences that can be completed in a single visit to our airfield.
If you are interested in learning to fly a glider then take a look at our gliding courses instead. If you already fly powered aircraft or microlights then check out our PPL Conversion Course.

Click the image or course title for a full description and to buy on-line.

All of our flights are launched by aerotow. You will be towed behind a powered aircraft to a height between 2000ft and 3000ft above the airfield (depending on your Experience type). We recommend that, if you intend to train as a glider pilot, you do two or three flights per visit. Our Intro Course lasts half a day and this is where we suggest that you start.

All of these Experiences are available as gifts. A presentation gift voucher pack is available, or you can use the eVoucher that we provide with every flight purchase.

Although we prefer that Gliding Experiences are purchased directly from us, we do accept third party Experience Vouchers from The British Gliding Association. You will need to provide us with your voucher details before you can book on-line.