Intro Course


An introduction to gliding comprising 2 or 3 lessons which can be completed in one day. Includes one month’s trial membership during which additional flights can be taken at club rates.
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An introduction to gliding, flying in a two-seater dual control glider with a qualified instructor. Launches are by aerotow behind a tow plane, after releasing the tow rope your instructor will demonstrate use of the controls and give you the opportunity to fly the glider yourself. The course includes a total aerotow height of 6000ft, you can decide with your instructor whether to take this as 2 or 3 flights. The course can be completed in one day.

Includes one month’s trial membership, during which you can take extra flights at club rates.

Important Booking Restrictions

Normal minimum age is 14. There is no upper age limit but please be aware that the participant will need sufficient mobility to climb into and out of a glider.

Due to the configuration of the gliders and controls, minimum height is 5’ (1.5m), maximum 6’3’’ (1.9m). Minimum weight is 7 stone (44kg), maximum 16 stone (102kg).

It is your responsibility to declare any medical or other conditions which would affect your fitness to fly. If in doubt, consult your doctor.

We cannot fly anybody who is under the influence of alcohol. The permissible levels for flying are much more stringent than for driving a car. You will be asked to sign a declaration that you have not drunk alcohol within 8 hours of your flight and have not ‘binged’ in the previous 24 hours.

Please note: The club will only offer refunds within 14 days of purchase.